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Left to right: Eiffel Tower, Louvre Pyramid, Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and Ferris Wheel. © Paris Update


Paris Update This Week’s Events

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Drawing through the ages

"Apples" (1944), by Henri Matisse. Eric Coatalem Gallery.

> Salon du Dessin: 39 galleries showing works on paper, from Old Masters to contemporary. Palais Brogniart, Paris, March 22-27.

Contemporary drawing fair
> Drawing Now: 73 galleries, Carreau du Temple, Paris, March 23-26.

More contemporary drawings
>Ddessin: 20 galleries. Atelier Richelieu, Paris, March 24-26.

Art and design fair
> PAD (Paris Art + Design),
67 galleries, Tuileries Garden, Paris, March 22-26.

African culture festival
> The 100% Afriques festival showcases dance, theater, music, fashion, design, art, food and more from all over the continent. La Villette, Paris, March 23-May 28.

French film with English subtitles
> Lost in Frenchlation shows Audrey Dana's Si j'Étais un Homme, preceded by a themed cocktail party (€4.50). Studio 28, Paris, Feb. 24.

Documentary film festival
> Cinéma du Réel showcases documentaries from around the world. Various venues, Paris, March 24-April 2.

Suburban blues
> The Banlieues Bleues festival brings major French and international jazz acts to the Paris suburbs. Various venues, through March 31.

Before and after ecological disaster
> The Chic Planète festival presents two types of films, those celebrating the bounty of the earth and science-fiction views of what will happen after an ecopalypse. Forum des Images, Paris, through April 13.




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Although an RATP ticket can be used on all forms of public transport in Paris, you can’t complete a journey using one ticket if reaching your destination requires transferring from the Métro to the bus. In this case, you need to use two tickets for a single journey, even if the bus leg of the journey is only a few stops. Nick Woods

Reader Jacqueline writes: "I would like to point out another absurdity, but one that works in favor of passengers. Many people do not realize that the RATP allows passengers unlimited bus transfers within a 90-minute time period with one ticket. In this way, passengers can easily "cheat" and take a free round trip ride for a brief errand as long as they don't take the same bus twice in a row. The catch is that as long as you take a different bus even one stop, you can then resume your ride on the initial bus, or go back the other way. For example, I can take bus A to my destination, get off to do my brief errand, take any other bus line, B, one stop (there is often more than one bus route running parallel a few stops,) and then return back on the initial bus in either direction on the same ticket. I learned this from a bus driver!"

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