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Cherry blossoms in Giverny. © Paris Update


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Links to events happening this week in Paris.

Contemporary art fair



"Le Port de Carnon" (2016), by Vincent Bioulès, at Galerie La Forest Divonne, Art Paris.

> Art Paris: 144 galleries. Grand Palais, Paris, March 30-April 2.

Celebrating crafts
> Artisans open their studios, hold exhibitions and give demonstrations of such crafts as jewelry-making or woodworking for Les Journées des Métiers d'Art. Various locations, Paris, March 31-April 2.

African culture festival
> The 100% Afriques festival showcases dance, theater, music, fashion, design, art, food and more from all over the continent. La Villette, Paris, March 23-May 28.

French film with English subtitles
> Lost in Frenchlation shows Thierry Fremaux's Lumière, preceded by a themed cocktail party (€4.50). Studio 28, Paris, March 31.

Documentary film festival
> Cinéma du Réel showcases documentaries from around the world. Various venues, Paris, March 24-April 2.

Suburban blues
> The Banlieues Bleues festival brings major French and international jazz acts to the Paris suburbs. Various venues, through March 31.

Before and after ecological disaster
> The Chic Planète festival presents two types of films, those celebrating the bounty of the earth and science-fiction views of what will happen after an ecopalypse. Forum des Images, Paris, through April 13.












Hot Topics - C'est ironique !


C’est Ironique Sign of the Weeque


This week’s sign is not a strange business name choice due to idiocy, but rather a strange business name pairing due to laziness. Or lack of budget. Or idiocy.

It’s an eatery in the area south of Pigalle, which, as explained in a previous C’est Ironique, used to be home to dozens of “hostess bars” (read: clip joints) but is now, due to socioeconomic changes that are devastating the cleavage-based extortion sector, turning into a normal commercial district.

Many, if not most, of the former fleshpots have closed in recent months, to be replaced by enterprises that actually provide real goods and/or services in exchange for honest prices. There goes the neighborhood!

A case in point is this purveyor of “bagels and delicacies” that took over the premises of the now-defunct Eros bar. And didn’t bother to take down the old sign or change the façade much.

So for now, at least, it’s Eros Bagels. I promise not to make a cream cheese joke, but while I have everyone’s attention I would like to point out that, despite what I keep seeing in the American press, NO ONE IN PARIS EVER CALLS THE SOUTH PIGALLE DISTRICT “SOPI”! Sorry to yell. But seriously, I’ve been living here for decades, am not a hermit, and have never once heard anyone say that.

David Jaggard

Have you seen a ridiculous sign in Paris? Or anywhere in France? Send me a photo in care of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.